Monday, March 28, 2011

I made it....

The Festival, co-sponsored by MISHOP and the Junior Chamber International Mitaka, attracts about 40,000 visitors, being one of the most well-known international exchange events in Tokyo.  In the park on the Festival Day, there are nearly 100 tent-shops introducing and selling various cuisines from around the world, items, and a variety of attractions. On the main stage set up in the park are musical and dancing performances rich in international flavors. Just walk around the Festival site and you'll feel like you are traveling around the world ! Feel the world right here in Mitaka.  In preparation for the Festival, a special committee is set up in MISHOP supported by volunteer staff whose assignments are to work out a main theme for the year, the lay-out of the site, selection of performers on the stage, and other details. On the Festival Day, the committee members mainly are responsible for the management of the Festival. Any members of MISHOP are welcome to join the Festival committee. If you are interested in planning and managing this international exchange event, we encourage you to contact the MISHOP Office!

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